Claudia Brown ~ Beaded Jewelry


Green Pendant Necklace (1830)

Necklace (1832)

Earings (1829)
(Matching to Necklace 1832)

Artist Biography

Claudia is inspired to design bead work that reflects the soft colors of the sea glass she gathered for years. She sees the rich colors of the wine country and the diverse shapes of the flowers in her garden.

She previously studied fashion design and watercolor. “It wasn’t until after moving to Florence, Oregon in 2005, that I discovered glass beads, which have now become my passion. Just as in watercolor, each color bounces off each other so it’s like “painting with beads”.

The original sea glass earrings have grown to include jewelry designs that use both sea glass and glass beads. A trip in 2013 to the “Bead & Button Show” inspired her to incorporate weaving with wire and fiber to achieve the colors, shapes and textures she envisions.


in Old Town Florence, Oregon

Featuring an exquisite collection of local artwork

Jan and Brian Jagoe
1335 Bay Street
Old Town Florence, OR 97439
Phone: 541/902-2505
Fax: 541/902-2506

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