Kym Adams ~ Pen & Ink Drawings

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EquinoxGoing HomePupGalactic Party
Woman and Child With Border
KelpHarmony9 EggsFrancheskaPhiladiaDuMalay

Artist Statement

Kym AdamsThough born in England, I spent much of my life living in other countries, first in Asia, then Europe and finally in Berlin. I left Berlin soon after the Wall went up - and returned to Kent, England. I moved to PA, USA in 1970 and OR in 2003. There has never been a time when I haven't created in some medium to continually express that which demands a voice. Art is the book which houses the history of who we are within its pages - expanding our views. We live in a psychological world that brings forth feeling and emotion often nameless, though filled with passion and energy that I express through my art. Life is unlimited and often indescribable. As is art, and that's why we create.

What I design is not what you see. You will enjoy an unparalleled view of each design, for what you discover, comes from the history of who you are. And it is that which will determine how this work speaks to you. I have nothing to do with the interpretation of this work, that is uniquely yours.

Kym Adams 2014


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